Monday, March 19, 2012

366 Days of Pictures in 2012!-Days 72-78

It has been an absolutely beautiful, and busy week here at Casa Chaos! 

Monday was enjoyed spending time with the granbaby! Gotta love her personality. Everyday she seems to change and become more her own person.

Tuesday...was a gorgeous day, not to be spent inside for long...Then gymnastics, wrestling, and a storm brought us back in doors.

Wednesday, the princess turned 7! The hubby and I took her out to her favorite restaurant for dinner and of course dessert!

Thursday, martial arts, guitar, drama, wrestling, then more wrestling practice with Tinker Bell. 

Friday brought us to the real birthday celebration for the girl. Her slumber party with a few of her close friends. 

Saturday...Actually one of my older son's birthdays, but unfortunately with him being away at college we'll have to wait to celebrate the leprechaun's special day.
So we went to a bbq with friends and spent more needed vitamin D time in the sun!

With the weather staying so nice, it only seemed fitting to end the week off with a ride in the canoe! 

Now off to another week with new adventures!

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