Monday, April 2, 2012

366 Days of Pictures in 2012!-Days 86-92

The past week was a little cooler than it's been, but I do believe still warmer than normal for this time of year. Monday I wanted to get out and take pictures of the beautiful blossoms on our ornamental peach tree in our front yard before the threatened frost came and did them in. I'm not the green thumb in the family, that would be the hubby. I think the blossoms still look like they're hanging in there, he says it's too soon to tell what damage the frost has done to the plants.

Tuesday takes us to gymnastics. After class the kids get to jump on the trampoline into a pit. The girl takes full advantage of the opportunity.

Wednesday is dance night. The girl does both ballet and jazz. She loves to dance. After dance the kids had their last day of AWANA for the season. When we got home the girl was so tuckered I could barely get her up the stairs to bed.

Thursday's picture comes from not having taken a picture all day, seeing my opportunity and taking it! Orange Cat often makes a good model cat.

Friday brought some drip drip drop little April, well almost April showers. I couldn't resist trying to get a drip drop shot.

Saturday was spent how many of our Saturdays are spent, at a wrestling tournament. It being our home tournament I got to not only watch the little boy wrestle, and take first place I might add, I also was able to watch the older boy referee. Having been a wrestler himself he's very supportive of his little brother. As a matter of fact, both older boys come out from college to watch their little brother wrestle quite often!

Sunday we went to a birthday party for a 3 year old. All three boys and 2 of my girls went with me. The weather was nice enough to get back outside. It was pretty fun watching the "young adults" enjoying the coloring books and crayons while the younger kids weren't around.

Off to a new week and new adventures!

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