Monday, April 16, 2012

366 Days of Pictures in 2012!-Days100-106

            Wow! More than 100 days have already passed us by in 2012! Time sure is flying! We have definitely already had a very busy 2012. I feel that I haven't dedicated near enough time to my blog, however I have kept up with taking a picture a day!

            The spring is always a great time for floral pictures. This week has certainly brought me many vegetation shot opportunities.

.                                 Monday~My touch of Hawaii right in my dining room....

Tuesday~My hubby is the one with the green thumb at our house. All flowers can thank him for their survival here.

Wednesday~Some people don't like dandelions. I look at them as a welcome friend, come back from a long winter trip. Their presence is a sure sign of spring.

Thursday~Well you can't have the dandelion without the dandelion seed head!

Friday was zoo school day. It was a perfect sunny day to spend at the zoo with two of my girls (the boy was there too, just not in this shot). Embracing the love in this shot!

Every Saturday this time of year is spent, in most part, watching wrestling in a gym.  No matter how many times I tell the boy not to watch me while he's wrestling sometimes he just can't resist, especially when a camera is involved. What a ham!

Hope your week was great too! Happy spring!

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