Tuesday, April 10, 2012

366 Days of Pictures in 2012!-Days 93-99

Last week's pictures were somewhat of a hodgepodge that requires little explanation. Between schoolwork, activities, preparation for Easter, and the boys being home from college, the shots that I took were more about trying to get a good shot of something than focusing on anything in particular. 

Monday~The curious cat.

Tuesdays are wrestling days.

Wednesday, which is normally dance day, we got to take a break. The girl used this time for a new hair do.

Thursday~We're still anticipating the arrival of our Praying Mantis babies.

Friday, although somewhat cool was a very sun shining beautiful day.

Saturday brought much outdoor playtime. The tuckered "old lady" decides to take a nap after a lot of running after the wee ones.

Sunday brings us to Easter...It was hard to decide which picture to use for this day. How can you resist the innocence of a toddler enjoying their first real egg coloring. 

Hope everyone's Easter was beautiful and full of life!

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