Friday, November 11, 2011

Amazing Visitor

People that know me know that for some strange reason I like to photograph bugs. So over the last couple of days we've had a special visitor that shared with us a pretty amazing occurrence in her life that I couldn't resist capturing.  Meet who my kids originally named Charlie;
My hubby brought her in because he thought she'd freeze over night. I swear if we had a farm all of the animals would sleep inside in the winter for that very reason!
I told my family that I thought Charlie was a girl and that I thought she was carrying babies!

We put her on my hibiscus plant where she seemed quite comfy. We soon found out that I was right! So the kids promptly changed her name from Charlie to Charlotte.
And we were able to share in her amazing birth;

And then there was an egg sac (oothecca)
It was a pretty unforgettable experience that inspired much conversation and research. We're hoping our little egg sac hatches many healthy little nymphs in the spring :)
Here are some informative sites for Praying Mantis education;

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