Thursday, November 17, 2011

Creating a village to raise a child....

            I'm a mom of 6. I've been a parent for nearly 26 years now. It makes me feel grey haired to even entertain that thought! I don't by any means claim to be the all knowing when it comes to raising kids, as a matter of fact I often say that the more kids that I had the more that I feel that I know virtually nothing! When I decided (and I said I because my hubby was not on board at the time) to homeschool the wee ones I knew that I had a lot to learn! I joined many homeschool support groups. As many as I could find! I asked as many questions as veteran homeschool parents would tolerate about curriculum, schedules, etc. The one question that I didn't ask was about socialization, I knew that was a silly "homeschool" myth. I was concerned about my own ability to teach my children, so support was what I sought.
            As my homeschool journey has evolved, much like having multiple kids, each with very distinct and individual personalities, I've realized that I need to be open minded, versatile, and able to roll with the punches. the one thing that I no longer question is my own ability to be able to teach my kids, maybe because I've realized that they teach me more than I could ever imagine, so if they can do it (teach) so can I!
            So, enter the bloggosphere....I have found so much invaluable information via blogs (other people's experiences, trials, recommendations, opinions). On to the Blog Awards, being new to the blogging community, I was shocked to be nominated in a few categories, honored, but shocked. That being said the reason that I'm grateful for the awards is because I have found soooo many blogs with great information and ideas through the nominations by category that I may not have found otherwise! So I do believe I will keep blogging, and continue reading other's blogs to enrich our journey!
            You know the old saying "it takes a village to raise a child"? I do believe that's true, and it's up to us as parents to create our own village!

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