Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Books Books and More Books! What's your favorite book?

            We love books! Books are a pretty big part of every day here in Casa chaos. Picture books, chapter books, fairy tales, short stories, audio books, you name it!
            Currently we are reading The Lonely Mermaid and other Stories, which my daughter loves. We've even found corresponding songs on youtube to go with some of the stories.
            We're also reading Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, this was a favorite of mine when I was little, I read it to the older kids when they were little, and am now reading it to the younger two. After we finish reading the book we'll watch the movie and do a compare and contrast conversation. We do that with most books we read if they have a television program or movie made from them. We also do that with books that have been re-done multiple times like Cinderella. It's very interesting to see what the kids think about the differences in the ways the stories were written, or the ways in which the stories were portrayed on the screen as opposed to the book.
            My son is reading the first book in the Michigan Chillers series by Johnathan Rand. I will have to break down and read it too so I know what's going on in the books. He and a friend really enjoy reading those. Again I reiterate that I have not read one, however his friend's mom has read some of them and said that they aren't quite as dark as the R.L. Stine books.
            My daughter is reading too many of the little first reader type books to list since she reads a new one a couple times a day.
            Since we're in the car so often we really enjoy audio books. They're great! Currently we're listening to   Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix trying to finish up the Harry Potter series that we started in the spring. Here's a pretty fun interactive site for Harry Potter fans at Scholastic. And here's another link to activities and printables that correspond with the books as well at
            We're also listening to Little House on the Prairie, another favorite of mine from my childhood and another one that I read to the older kids and am now enjoying listening to with the younger ones.
            So that's what we're either reading or listening to right now. I think that literature is such a very important part of learning. We try to exposwe ourselves to as much as possible!
            So what's your favorite book to read, or listen to?

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