Monday, November 14, 2011

Play Dough, Martial Arts, Pianos, and Good-Byes...

Our weekend consisted of making playdough
My son was even ok with the fact that we only made pink! We make play dough every year at around this time and normally again around spring. There are so many play dough recipes out there but normally we use this one. It's simple, it lasts, and it's user friendly (not too sticky and easy to play with, very much like store bought). We only made pink this time because we didn't check provisions prior to and found that we didn't have enough flour or salt for another batch, but my son was a sport and let my daughter pick the color. This time of year we normally make fun fall color play dough and even add some spices to give it the scent of the season, this time only pink.

Then off to Martial Arts testing:
He was mortified that I was taking pictures :/

He broke the board!

She was fine with me taking pictures :)

I thought this looked like she was doing a little Karate Kid move.

Then I was very happy to get a visit from my college kids, as well as my oldest daughter and her hubby, especially since they helped me move a piano.
None of the older kids let me take their pictures this weekend, but my little grandbaby will always play along!

In the midst of everything I seem to have acquired a very much unwanted cold! So our school day today was not as productive as I would have liked, 
With me a bit crabby from not feeling well and wee ones who could totally tell that I wasn't up to par.The beauty of creating our own schedule allowed us to call it a day without "finishing" what we planned. 

The older kids headed back to their respective abodes. I probably won't see them again until Thanksgiving which makes me a bit sad. As challenging as being a parent can be through all of the different stages, letting go is definitely the hardest hurdle for me.

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