Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day is approaching!

With Earth Day approaching i felt the need to look up information and activities to do with the wee ones that really matter. Planting a tree crossed my mind, but that's something we try to do every year. I really wanted to talk to them this year about global warming, and what we can do to try to protect our earth. I found the following web sites to help us on our way:

Organic Farming Activity Book

kids for saving earth

Earth Force


We started today learning about the importance of organic farming, as well as the importance of supporting our local organic farmers! We discussed agricultural contaminants and the effects that they are having on our environment. Organic Farming benefits are immeasurable.

The celebration of Earth Day gives all off us the opportunity to share with our young ones about the importance of doing our part to help in the quest for a healthier earth for everyone's future. It also helps everyone to remember that it takes everyone to make this world a better place!

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