Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blogging...Feedback please...

             Well I am still learning all of the ins and outs of being a new blogger. Not to mention one that isn't all that computer savvy! 
            I started this blog partly because I found so much valuable information in other blogs that I wanted to be a part of that sharing community, partly because I love writing, to me writing is somewhat therapeutic, partly because I wanted to journal our homeschool journey, well I could go on but I think you get the picture, I have a plethora of reasons for blogging. My blogging journey has evolved from just writing, sharing, and learning about homeschooling to also sharing my photography which I also have a passion for! Maybe once I feel that i have this somewhat down I'll start a separate blog for photography.
            So as I've said my blogging experience has been a learning experience all the way around. I added DISQUS to my blog to better track my comments and be able to reply easier and all of my comments disappeared from my blog :/ Hmmm...very curious. Someone more computer literate I'm sure would know why, but I am somewhat perplexed. Maybe in time I'll figure it out but for now....
            I've figured out how to add other blogger's buttons to my site, which is really great! I read something I like and feel that I can also share through my own blog! My son even figured out how to make a pretty button for my blog as well, although I'm not absolutely sure that it's operational! 
            What I really need is to take a blog course, but that whole "time" thing gets in my way, so I'll just trudge along and figure it out as I go :) In the mean time I wouldn't object to helpful advice :)

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