Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What do you do when it's just been a long week?

            It has really been a very long week. I must say for good reasons though. My mom came into town last Wednesday and just left today. I love having my mom in town. She lives about 3000 miles away from me so I appreciate and absolutely enjoy every minute that we get to spend with her. You never know what tomorrow will bring so we have to embrace the gifts that we get today. For the past week that gift for us has been having my mom out to spend time with.
            What comes along with my mom being in town is a full house. I couldn't love it more....except the dishes of course. Every day is filled with activity and great food. I think I've gained about twenty pounds, but it was well worth it.
            The weekend consisted of watching a homecoming football game that my niece cheered for in the freezing cold rain, to watching a youth football game that my son played in and my daughter cheered for in sunshine but still relatively cold wind,

to celebrating two birthdays (my second daughter that just turned 22 and my mom who will forever be "29" in my eyes), to warm and cozy brunch where everyone wore jammies and played cards.
            This week started with beautiful sunshiny mild fall weather that we couldn't resist being out and getting dirty in in! Especially my little grand-baby.
One of the most amazing things about living where we live in the Midwest is that the weather can change in nearly an instant, as well as the remarkable colors those changes bring.
Another great appreciation that I have for where we live is the stunning scenery found outside almost every door that is so inviting for us to want to savor.
The photo above is of my daughter relishing in that very beauty.  
But alas, all good things come to an end. My mom left today and I had to think about the things the week didn't consist of....like school work. We did do a very little bit stressing the words very and little. 
I personally wouldn't change it for the world given the fact that I think the lessons of family and friendship that we experience when my mom visits are more valuable than any "socialization" skills learned elsewhere. 
So my question is this: If you homeschool, what do you do when family is in town? Do you take the time off from "school" or keep a routine? 
Over here in Casa Chaos, we always leave room for chance and change in every day.


  1. We take the time off- we call it "real life 101". :) It is tough to not cringe sometimes when I know we are out of our routine because I know it will be tough to get back to it.

    I did not know you are a grandma too- we have 3 and 1 on the way. I love it. :) I do feel like I stretched between two worlds though. I wish I had more time to just be "grandma".

    Your football player and cheerleader are adorable.

  2. Stretched between two worlds is so true. Thank you Laurie :)

  3. Not a homeschooler but in my opinion, family always comes first! We teach our children so they can be successful and happy. A big part of being happy is knowing how to love and knowing what's important...so you taught your children well this week,