Monday, September 26, 2011

Field Trip friday...

      I actually really like Mondays. Mondays are like fresh new beginnings. No matter what the previous week had to offer, whether it was good or bad, Mondays are like starting a new part of a never ending journey....
      That being said, that isn't what this post is about. This post is about long before Monday.

      On Friday I came across Chestnut Grove Academy's blog about Field Trip Fridays. I thought it looked very interesting as well as ironic since we were getting ready to leave for a field trip to the Renaissance Fair that morning. After a long weekend of goings-on, I finally found the time to write my post about our Field Trip Friday, although from what I understand from reading the rules at Chestnut Grove Academy, I don't think the field trip even needs to be on a Friday, ours just happened to be.

      The kids and I have been studying the Middle Ages, so when our homeschool group decided to go to the Renaissance Fair for a field trip I felt that it was only fitting. So let's travel back long before today (Monday) to the Middle Ages.

      The kids were in true form and decided to dress the part as many other people that we saw there did.

The weather was rainy and very dreary, however despite that, fun was had by all. My daughter was able to have tea with real fairy princesses right out of fairy tales, while my son was able to learn the complex task of archery.

We watched a jousting match, where we were able to cheer on our Knight,

as well as get a glimpse of the King and Queen.

After being immersed into the Middle Ages and much tomfoolery in the day,

we headed back home to a well needed rest.

So that was our Field Trip Friday, that yes, was really this past Friday.

Some of the resources that we use for our study of the Middle Ages include; Susan Wise Bauer's The Story of the World Volume 2, History for Kids, Role Playing, as well as many many great books from our local library.



  1. What an incredible day! I am sure the hands-on experiences of that field trip will stay with them forever.

  2. Thank you. I love that we CAN do these things :)