Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 9-11...Where were you?

As I sit here looking out the window at the dreary rainy weather outside, getting ready to go watch my son play football and my daughter cheer, not really wanting to sit in the rainy cold, I noticed the date and started thinking back to 9-11-2001.

At the time I worked for the airlines as a flight attendant. I used to fly turns in and out of Boston. I was scheduled that morning to fly that same Boston turn that I had done so many times, but at about three in the morning my eight year old son crawled into bed saying that he wasn't feeling well. My husband was on a business trip, so I felt compelled to stay at home with my son. I called into work.

When we got up for the day, my son (who wasn't really sick, just wanted mom time) decided to watch a video. My phone rang several times, but too busy chit chatting with my sister-in-law I ignored it. finally when it was clear that whoever was calling was going to continue, I answered to the frantic voice of my husband saying, "thank god your home, turn on the news!" I did and was horrified to see the second plane crash into the World Trade Center. At that time people had not been aware as to which airline's flights were involved, only that the origination was Boston. It would not have been my flight, however I was still so grateful to be home with my son and desperately wanted my other children home too (they were in public school at the time). It was a surreal day to say the least, I'm sure for everyone. My son and I spent the rest of the day in front of the television watching the news and crying.

So today instead of complaining about the weather as I sit here tearing at my computer, I will go watch my kids and be thankful that I can. I will reflect with my family, as well as instill the importance of always remembering that fateful day to my children.

Here are some great web-sites that I came across to put together our September 11th materials:

 Tribut WTC 9-11, they have a tribute project contest for schools, I've sent an email to find out if homeschoolers can participate as well.

Pentagon Memorial Fund, which offers many educational materials.

Here's a tribute that I came across as well: Gone but Never Forgotten


  1. God bless your husband, he must have been scared to death for you!

    Thank God you were all right.

    Never forget...

  2. Thank you. He was very happy that my son wanted mom time that day :) He wound up driving halfway across the country to get homw from his business trip.

  3. What a testimony of God's grace and mercy. Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower and look forward to reading more of your posts. ~ Ellen

  4. Thank you Ellen. I very much enjoy your blog also. Great information and recipes! :)

  5. What an amazing story! I had no idea you went through that. Thanks for sharing that. We do need to cherish every moment with our loved ones, and also be thankful to God for His protection and mercy. We were in NYC on Sept. 10 a few days ago. Very surreal and sobering. I will post pics on my blog hopefully soon.