Monday, September 12, 2011

Rasberries, arithmetic, and info....

Today was a long but productive day. It was our first official day "back to school". My son was very excited to start his new math book. The first few chapters are normally review so he breezed through it. We use Singapore Math. He's on book 3b. My daughter is on book 1a. Then of course we moved on to reading, music, language arts and so forth.

Then on to the fun part of the day....raspberry picking! After a bit of a chilly week last week today was a scorcher! I think I'll try to hold on to summer a bit longer after all! Of course we weren't dressed appropriately and wore shorts and short sleeves, not always the smartest choice for raspberry picking evidently. With a bit of bug spray (no deet of course) we were off! My son ate more than he picked. At one point he told me, "I've picked about 20 but only have one in my container." I expected him to be sick or at the least overly flushed, but he fared quite well. My daughter was a very dutiful picker and even managed not to scrunch her berries.
In the end, we wound up with about 5 quarts! We froze 4 and kept 1 out
 for eating .
Hopefully with in the next week or so we'll finally get a chance to make jam!
Recipes to follow!

I also heard back from the person at Tribute WTC 9-11 about homeschool students being able to enter their project contest (see blog post titled-Remembering 9-11...Where were you...) and the woman responded with a yes. I do believe that will be a project that we will be working on for next year!

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