Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pondering and planning...

I've been a bit lost in thought this morning. There's a part of me that really doesn't want to let go of summer, then an itching at the back of my brain (or maybe the brisk coolness in the air this morning) saying that it's time to let fall's here ready or not!

Hence the wintry looking get-up my daughter is wearing. She has quite an original style to say the least!
A lot of people look at spring as the time for new beginnings, and it is with the prospect of new life. I also look at fall as a new beginning. Even though we home schooled through the summer for the most part, fall is still the start of a new "school" year for us, with new education material, new opportunities, new as much as I will miss you Mr. Summer...Bring on the vast prospects of the FALL! This little guy should really take cover and come back next spring ;)
So enough of the pondering and on to the planning! This week due to a lot of other obligations our "school work" is consisting of reading, music, and planning.
most of our new education materials have arrived, and the kids are pretty excited about the fresh newness of their new books and supplies.
I have also been doing geography research and found a couple of interesting looking web-sites that we plan to explore further; Sheppardsoftware has lots of cool Internet games as well as great information. Internet World Stats is another one that we'll be using.
Off to general fall activities, printables, etc...Teaching Heart has some great resources! A friend of mine that teaches at a public school turned me onto that web-site and facebook page last year. I did get a lot of use out of the site and the FREE material that you can find there!
Happy Fall Everyone!!!


  1. I've enjoyed keeping up with you on your blog - even out here in NYC! We've gotten some cool weather out here too, and lots of rain. See you soon!

  2. beautiful photos! I love the pink in the first, and wow, the frog was hard to spot!

    thanks for joining up with us! :)