Thursday, September 22, 2011

Trumpeter Swan's last song...maybe...but only until next spring...

               Not even one more day until fall officially starts. I have to say, for us it has really been in the air the last week or so! Along with the new beginnings of a new "school" year, we also have to say goodbye. For where we live in the vast U.S., after summer we don't get much sunshine. Hello vitamin D supplements, goodbye Mr. Sun. Fall is great for the fact that we also say goodbye to the state bird...the mosquito! I don't mind that at all!

              What I will probably miss the most are the Trumpeter Swans that come every year to have their young in a little pond not far from where we live. There have been trumpeter swans there since I can remember, but a couple years ago tragedy struck and the swan couple that came every year to have their family was slain. Probably some drunk kid who thought it would be funny to take out an entire family of swans. One of the babies did live and was taken to a bird rescue facility. I thought we wouldn't see swans in that little pond again, but to everyone's surprise, the following year there was another swan couple that came. They had their babies and have been coming back ever since! This year they had four beautiful babies that I can say I have had the pleasure of watching grow. My kids and I often stop to admire them.

              Today however, I was in a hurry to get home. With a car full of groceries, two tired kids and one weary mom after a very long day, I still stopped to watch the swans. My son asked, "Didn't you say we had to hurry home to get the groceries put away?"I simply smiled and said back to him, "Pretty soon they will be bidding us adieu..." grabbed my camera, and the kids and I watched while they graced us with their presence for possibly one last time for the season. Funniest part is that while we sat there, 3 more cars stopped behind us for I'm sure the same reason.
              I think I mentioned earlier in my blog world that one of my favorite books, a book that I read myself as a child, read to my older kids when they were little, and read again to my two youngest is Trumpet of the Swans by E.B. White. I do believe that we will read it again.

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