Friday, September 2, 2011

Recipe Research

While operation "Clean the Classroom" continues, I decided to do some research for an up coming project the kids and I have for our school year. We've decided to find and try recipes from around the world to co inside with geography this year. Given the fact that I have two of the most finicky children on the face of the planet I felt that this would also give us a great opportunity to actually find food that they like!

While searching for international recipes, of course first up on the search is good old For anyone who's searched for a recipe on line you've got to love that web-site! I did however feel that for this specific a topic I would need a more specialized site for a more comprehensive list. Alas I stand corrected! For the most comprehensive list of recipes from around the world, whether you're looking by country, region, or continent, world recipes is where I'll be going!

As said by Primrose in Everything on a Waffle, recipe to follow....

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