Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Parental rights..Please read...

While sitting here this morning checking email and such, I came a cross an email from naturalnews.com regarding parental rights. This is a very important topic for parents who want to protect their kids and continue to be able to choose things that they feel are best for them, whether it be education, health, or their all around well being.

I implore each and every parent to be proactive in every aspect of their children's lives!  Make educated decisions!  Be informed!

That being said, whether you are an advocate of vaccinations or against them is somewhat irrelevant, every parent should have the right to make decisions for their own children as to when or if they should receive a vaccine or anything else for that matter! This article at naturalnews.com explains how those rights are being taken from us behind our backs! The Healthy Home Economist also shares a youtube video on the subject that is a must see.

As I've said, whether you are pro vaccine or against vaccine, if and when our children are vaccinated should be a parents right to know, as well as be educated about what is being put into our children!

Parental rights should be something that every parent cares about no matter what your stand is as a parent. Whether you homeschool, public school, vaccinate or not, or want to ensure good health for our children, as well as good decisions.

Every parent should stay informed! Parentalrights.org is a great place to begin. If you haven't given much thought to this topic before it is definitely time to start!

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