Thursday, September 1, 2011

~Operation Clean the "Classroom"

Operation Clean the "Classroom" officially starts today....but before we can really get started let's reflect back over our past school year to find out why we're just doing this now.

Our 2010-11 school year started at the end of July last year. Over the course of our school year our oldest daughter and her husband began renovations on their house and moved in with us. Our daughter gave birth after a marathon 50+ hour labor to a beautiful baby girl via c-section...anyone that has ever had a c-section knows how painful that can be, so more the reason for her to need a bit of help at first as a new mom.

One of our sons was working towards graduating from high school, with all the additional preparations that come along with getting ready for the transition to college. as a side note he also wrestled, which consumes a lot of time...I'm very proud of his dedication, he took 2nd place in the entire state in his weight class.

Those things along with the younger kids and I adjusting to some additional classes and extra curricular activities that we added on to our year caused us to fall a little behind worries, part of why we home school is to be able to work at our own pace...needless to say we just finished our past school year about a week ago (we did take time off this summer to go on vacation to Hawaii though)! Just in time to get the older kids situated for the fall.

So here we are...Now it's time to put away the past school year and gear up for the new one! Our new school year's materials should be coming any day now, so time to make room!

Wish me luck and patience!

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