Monday, October 17, 2011

Fossils, furry friends, and monsters....

            With the weather so crazy and unpredictable in our little corner of the world (the week started with shorts weather and ended with coat weather) we try to embrace every nice day we can and get out in it! What that means is lots and lots of field trips! So last week consisted of nature walks, finding fossils, playing in leaves, and going to the zoo (the kids take a class there once a month). Fossils, rocks, and minerals are a bit of a hobby for my hubby so going to dig at a fossil quarry was right up his alley.

This isn't the first time that we've taken the kids on a "dig". We've gone out to dig in Wyoming at Tynsky's fossil Quarry as well. The one's there were a bit more impressive than the fossils that we found in Ohio, but the experience was still invaluable!

And to coincide with our prehistoric journey we are trying to hatch Triops. We even found some great educational material to help us study our Triops.
Another educational tool that we're using for fossils is the Smithsonian Handbook- Fossils.

            Heading back to present day we headed to the zoo to learn about the African Savannah. We found educational material compliments of the Staten Island Zoo and the Toledo Zoo to aid us in our journey. As well as our "old faithful" Enchanted Learning.
While at the zoo we saw more than the African Savannah, we had a great adventure as well.

Then we ended the week with my daughter wanting to save a butterfly from a modern day miniature monster;
Mr. Praying Mantis!


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