Saturday, October 8, 2011

To deviate or not to deviate...

            I say deviate!
            Toward the end of our week we were trying to somewhat play catch-up from having taken a week basically off. I had an agenda of what we needed to get done. I start a lot of thoughts this way so what's one more...One of the best things about homeschooling is that we don't have to follow the agenda if we don't want to, yet we can still find an educational adventure in almost everything we do. So we started out on the catch up path then deviated by watching this great show called growing up Gorilla on Animal Planet just to take a break. This lead into a great discussion on Gorillas. So we found a report diagram at Enchanted Learning and looked up various Gorilla facts on line. One of the sites we used that we liked was Gorilla's World. We filled in our diagram and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. It wasn't on the agenda, wasn't planned, but fun and educational none the less!
            Deviation #2 came while peering out at an amazingly beautiful fall day! We read the book Leaf Man, then set out in search of our own Leaf Man.

Then we headed across the street to admire an Egret.
And ended the day by inspecting grasshoppers in the "wild"...
I didn't have the heart to correct my daughter when she said, "look, it's a baby on it's mother's back!"
None of it on the original plan for the day, but an educational adventure that I wouldn't trade.


  1. Love the pictures in front of your neighbors' house! Makes me homesick ... :-)

    Your neighbors who are hardly ever at their house

  2. I'm just glad to have great neighbors that will let us play in their leaves;) Especially since all our trees are pine trees.

    Hope you guys are having a wonderful time neighbor!

  3. Love the leaves! and . . . we call that "Wrestling" with the grasshoppers - we had to "splain" that one day with dolphins!

  4. That's a good word for it ;)