Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Welcome to my Chaos, for the Blog Bash 2011!

Thanks for coming to visit! Welcome to my Cordial Chaos!

First a bit about me: I'm an x-flight attendant turned SAH-Homeschooling mom. I'm married to an awesome and very patient man. I've been truly blessed to be called mom to 6 kids that I couldn't be more proud of. My oldest daughter is married with a daughter of her own that I just adore. The next 3 kids in line are all college students off to find their way in this vast world we all call home. The youngest 2 are my partners in this homeschooling journey of ours. More of my reasoning for homeschooling can be found in an earlier Why do you Homeschool post.
            This is my cluttered corner of the world....
Complete with the all necessary cup of coffee! This is where I do most of my homeschool planning and research as well as write, work on photographs, and just play around on the computer. 
This is the view from my "office" window:
Today is a hazy day, in general I'm a pretty lucky girl to be able to look out the window at any given time of the year and have a beautiful view. 
This is my family:
This picture was taken 2 years ago at our oldest daughter's wedding. I know it's not the most recent but a picture that I absolutely love. 
Let's not forget my precious grand baby:
Looking at her and seeing what an absolutely spectacular mom my daughter is becoming makes parenting all the more worth it. 
Other important residence of Casa Chaos are 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 fish, none of which wanted to cooperate for pictures today (I don't have time to look through old ones).
When the weather is nice we spend as much time outside adventuring as possible then in the winter I like to hibernate. I said I like to...not that I get to ;)
My most favorite things in life are spending time with my family and being a part of my kids lives. I am so blessed to be able to be the one raising them. 
Next in line of my favorites would be taking pictures and writing, both of which bring me much solace.

Our homeschooling journey is an ever changing escapade. As of today I would definitely say our curriculum choices are pretty eclectic. 
So that is a look into our Cordial Chaos! Please feel free to stop by any time and make sure to say "Hi"!
Also link up at The Ultimate Homeschool Bash 2011! Hosted by Women Living Well ministries!

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