Monday, February 6, 2012

366 Days of Pictures in 2012!-Day 36 and 37

Sometimes Sundays can be hard for me to get on the computer, however I do normally have my camera attached to me at all times, so here is day 36 and 37!

Day 36

This little sumac plant probably doesn't know which way is up in this inexplicable weather that we're having. The morning started out frosty, then was swiftly replaced by a warm spring like Super Bowl Sunday! 
Who did you want to win the big game??

Day 37

Today was a very long day! The boy had two friends spend the night after the Super Bowl, and his brothers were home from college, so the night was a very long one.
the boy still had obligations to meet, one of which was martial arts followed by wrestling. By the time he got home he was exhausted! Needless to say, he crashed very early tonight.
The girl had girl scouts this evening. She has decided that she doesn't want me to stay, so I took a drive and killed some time. While sitting in my car waiting I looked up to see the moon trying to hide behind the branches of a tree. It looked eerily pretty.
Tomorrow should be a more rested day than today proved to be!

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