Wednesday, February 1, 2012


The boy is working on fractions in math right now. He's actually pretty good at it. Some aspects of doing fractions can be a bit tricky though so I've used some additional resources to help him. First off we use:

We've used it since the boy was around the first grade math level and have been very happy with it. The curriculum really encourages critical thinking, which I like very much.

So back to fractions. I needed some back up in helping the boy with fractions. The up side is that he really likes fractions, so getting him to apply himself and want to learn has been very easy. Here are some additional resources that I've used along the way with our fraction journey;

I really liked this youtube video, mostly because of how simple it was. We've also used these web-sites:


Both of those were very fun and interactive. My dull explanations can get a little dull I guess.

These are some simple things that have helped us and I hope they help you too!

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