Monday, February 13, 2012

366 Days of Pictures in 2012!-Day 43 Wrestling

Again I seem to be a day behind posting, the picture was however taken yesterday. 
My little wrestler was patiently waiting for his next match with daddy while watching other wrestling matches in the mean time.  

His older brother wrestled also. he came to me 13 years ago, six years old, big bright blue eyes, asking if he could wrestle. I visualized WWF or WWE whatever it is now and adamantly told him no. He persisted. He finally talked me into talking to the person in charge of the program who finally talked me into letting him give it a try. It didn't take me long to realized that the actually sport, wrestling, is nothing like what you see on T.V. 
It is a sport that teaches confidence, integrity, stamina, agility, balance, and quick thinking just to name a few of the positive attributes. My older son went on to finish his wrestling career taking second place in the state in his weight class before going off to college. 
The little guy, having so much admiration for his older brother has been wrestling since he was four, although we didn't let him wrestle in a tournament until he was five almost six. Being that he's only almost nine, we don't know if he'll want to continue wrestling, but what we do know is that we'll support whatever passion he has.

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