Saturday, February 11, 2012

Zoo School

For it being such a warm winter so far, it just figures that the days we have zoo school the weather has been not so good, either rainy, snowy, or like today super cold! The positive to a day like today is that the zoo is practically empty. I sat in a heated area while the wee ones went to their classes of course. We did try to do a little walking around after their classes. Even most of the animals were staying in out of the wind, except for a few;

We were especially excited to see the babies!

We didn't wander far for lack of time and bitter cold, but the wee ones had to find an animal statue to climb on before we headed out.

All in all despite the cold we had a great time!

But we were glad to make it home before the snow!

I really do love the zoo! not only is it an educational trip every time you go, it's also a very peaceful place! I'm looking so forward to spring to be able to make a long day out of one of our zoo school days!

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