Wednesday, January 18, 2012

366 Days of Pictures in 2012!-Day 18

So today I must say was the first time in a long time that I can truly say that I was lacking inspiration where photography comes into play. Normally I have a plethora of things to take pictures of. By 6:00pm this evening I hadn't taken one picture and was fearing that I would be taking some random picture of just about anything just to get my picture of the day. I went from dance class with my daughter to pick my son up from wrestling and my daughter spotted some deer running through the woods. By the time I switched my lens they were gone, or at least too far to shoot. Then I looked up to the sky and realized that the sun set this evening was actually nothing less than spectacular. With the trees impeding my vision I didn't think it would really make the best shot. While looking at the clouds in the sky I felt that they looked a bit ominous, however beautiful and started shooting. Who would've thought that my inspiration would have come from sitting in a car outside of a wrestling room!

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