Thursday, January 5, 2012

First day back to "school"

            There isn't a whole lot of "home" involved in our homeschool journey. My wee ones are involved in many outside the home activities that stem from Martial Arts, Dance, Wrestling, Drama, Music, various different science classes, Electronics, Swimming, Gym, my son is even learning to be a Night in Medieval Times. It has been an extremely nice break from the majority of the running over our Christmas break! Today was the first day back to some of our outside the home classes, thus hurtling us back into some semblance of a schedule.
            Despite the spectacularly beautiful sunrise

It was a bit of a slow moving morning on the part of the wee ones.

He was standing but not quite awake.

You can tell by the slight grin that she was awake but not ready to move.

Both kids took Martial Arts in the morning, then the boy went on to a few other classes while I took the girl to lunch and a movie for some much needed mother daughter time.

Then back home for the girl to work on science projects in the kitchen with her big bro

 while the boy went to wrestling practice.

All and all a pretty busy first day of "school".

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