Friday, January 27, 2012

The week in review

            This past week has been fun, challenging, eventful, painful, stressful, and fulfilling all at the same time.  The hubby and I took the two wee ones to the Unschoolers Water Park gathering. Day 1 was a blast.  We met new friends as well as met up with some old friends.  We played at the water park until it closed for the night.  The only down fall to the evening was that the hubby came down with a nasty stomach bug that kept him out of the running for the half of the first day and the entire second day.  The second day was just as much fun as the first for the wee-ones and I.  We enjoyed more water park fun, then played with new friends and old, and watched Mr. Popper's Penguins in the Ball Room.  The girl even got covered with henna tattoos that unfortunately we had to wash off as soon as we got back to our room because she had some sort of reaction to the ink.
            Day three was a brighter day for the hubby.  He was feeling a bit better and was able to spend our last day with us playing at the water park.  The wee-ones were ecstatic to be able to hang out with their dad at the water park, I'm ok but I do believe they think he's more fun.  After all, he is a big kid.  
            After we were all sufficiently tuckered we soaked in the hot tub, showered, then headed on the long ride home listening to Farmer Boy CD (Little House)
on audio book.  The boy would've preferredHarry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Book 6)
 but the girl gets to finish her book before we start that one.
            Once we got home we read a couple chapters in Racso and the Rats of NIMH . Yes there is a sequel to the very loved Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh (Aladdin Fantasy), then we all crashed!
            In the middle of the night, the boy and I woke up with my hubby's stomach bug.  I didn't even ask him to share!  We spent a horrible twenty four hours commiserating with each other over our pain.  Alas, I will be grateful that it was only a 24 hour bug.
            Today we only experienced some fatigue and mild aches.  We were able to get back to work and get some school done!
            All in all it was a very educational, eventful, and yes fun despite the sickness, week!

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