Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 100 Educational Websites are in!

             Being that we are well into January now I suspect that everyone is back to at least somewhat of a schedule, or at the very least "back to school". That being said, with the start of a new year who can't use a little resource refreshment? Being forever a project in the works over here at Casa Chaos we can always use new ideas!

            Many of my homeschooling friends subscribe to the ever informative and resourceful Every year asks "product testers", which are regular homeschool parents like you and I, to check out websites as well as products and give a list of their faves that they've reviewed to be compiled into one big list containing the Top 100 Sites of the was probably the first homeschooling resource site that I found and used when I started my homeschooling journey. Every year I normally print out the list of Top 100 Educational Sites to be able to use at my leisure throughout the year.

            This year has added a new category to their list, BLOGS! Personally, I thought that was a great idea given the fact that over the last year or so I've used BLOGS as a huge resource in our little homeschool here at Casa Chaos! Blogs give such a diverse perspective to the possibilities that homeschooling brings! I was very pleased to see a few of the blogs that I already frequent on the list, as well as a couple that were unfamiliar to me. I will be rectifying the unfamiliarity by heading over and checking them out!

            One of the things that I've realized about being a parent to a large number (6) of kids is that one person never knows EVERYTHING, and that everyone can use fresh assorted ideas that they may not have thought about on their own. That's one of the many things that I like about I always tend to come across some new adventurous inspiration that I can implement into our own little homeschooling voyage!

            So for my homeschooling friends out there, happy homeschooling! Head over and check out the new Top 100 Educational Sites list!

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