Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top 10 things we plan to do in 2012!

While doing a little blog hopping today I came across Oh Amanda's Top Ten Tuesday. I thought it would be fun to join along. So here goes! Being that we've just started a new year I decided to make a list of the top ten things that my family plans to do in 2012 (not necessarily in order).

1. The Unschoolers Water park Gathering. We are super excited about this event! The kids of course are mostly looking forward to the time that'll be spent at the water park. I'm looking forward to the actual scheduled events at this gathering, as well as meeting new homeschool friends.

2. My hubby and I are doing a 5k (my first) run to benefit a congenital heart center at a children's hospital. I'm a little scared, but pretty excited also. I've never done a 5k so that's a bit intimidating. I've always wanted to do one so I'm jumping in with both feet. It's for a great cause so that makes it much more worth while.

3. Finish our school year by July at the latest! I guess that's more of a goal. It is a plan that I have, however all plans can be subject to change.

4. A family camping trip that includes all 6 of my kids! We used to camp several times a year. Over the past two years we just haven't been able to fit it in so this year I have told the family that I'm gonna make it happen!

5. We're taking a family, and when I say family I mean our entire family, my mom, my brother and his family, my sister and her family, my oldest daughter and her family, and of course our immediate family, trip to Cancun this summer! It's going to be a blast! We can't wait! Of course pictures will follow!

6. Get a nice family picture taken over the summer that I can use for my Christmas picture so I'm not scrambling at the last minute to decide on pictures that I'm going to use. This was our card for 2011.

7. I'd like to lose at least 10 pounds. I say that every year, I'd like to actually achieve it this year! I feel like every year older I get, I have to give up more yummy food that I like. That saying "a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" really seems to be ringing true for me now.

8. I plan to try to be more organized. With that plan I've tried to trim down some of our outside the home activities so that hopefully life will be a bit more manageable. 

9. I plan to have the kids and I take all of July off from "school" this year. Last year, because of so many of our outside the home activities, we didn't quite finish all of our projected in the home work. We wound up "schooling" through the summer. 

10. Most importantly, I plan to make it my mission to make sure that our little family here at Casa Chaos embraces and appreciates each day that we're given here on this earth.

So what kind of Top Ten list would you like to make?

Top Ten {Tuesday}

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